Steam Tracers

Thermon has developed the SafeTrace series of insulated steam tracers, specifically crafted for winterizing pipes. With a dual emphasis on reducing burn risks and lowering steam consumption in comparison to conventional bare tube steam tracing, SafeTrace ensures enhanced safety and operational efficiency. These steam tracing tubes deliver precise and reliable heat transfer properties, crucial for maintaining optimal temperatures for sensitive or corrosive materials.

Installing SafeTrace steam tracers is a breeze, eliminating the need for channels, spacer blocks, or metallic banding. Simply affix the tracers securely to pipes or vessels using high-temperature adhesive tape.

Available in two versions, DLS and SLS, SafeTrace facilitates seamless installation from the steam supply header along the heat-traced line to the condensate return manifold, all without the need for splices or fittings. This remarkable capability is made possible through an innovative composite construction (patent pending) featuring a safety yellow polymer jacket. Elevate the efficiency and safety of your piping system with SafeTrace for superior winterization outcomes.