SafeTrace DLS


● 5°C to 54°C
● 3/8” & 10 mm
● Copper and stainless steel

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Thermon SafeTrace DLS-IT features a metallic tracer tube enveloped in composite materials designed to reduce thermal conductance and mitigate heat transfer. This innovative solution ensures SafeTrace delivers a consistent heat output along a traced pipe, effectively preventing the occurrence of hot spots and overheating. It serves as a superior alternative to bare metallic tracers that often result in energy wastage and place undue stress on pipe systems by elevating temperatures beyond desired levels.

SafeTrace DLS-IT tracers are equipped with a safety yellow identification jacket, signifying materials that may pose potential dangers, such as steam, in accordance with ASME/ANSI A13.1-1996 standards. Additionally, all SafeTrace IT tracers adhere to ASTM Std C-1055, which mandates that human skin temperature must not exceed 58°C when in contact with a hot surface for five seconds.

Supplied in extended-length coils, SafeTrace DLS-IT can be seamlessly installed, running continuously from the steam supply manifold, along the pipe, and extending to the condensate return manifold.


  • Substantially diminishes the risk of burns
  • Achieves savings of up to 50% in steam consumption compared to bare metal tubes
  • Ensures predictable heat transfer with no occurrence of hot spots or overheating
  • Accelerates installation times by enabling continuous operation from the steam supply to the condensate collection system
  • Facilitates longer circuit lengths, resulting in a reduced need for steam traps
  • Offers a straightforward tape-on installation, eliminating the requirement for steel banding
  • Provides prompt delivery for added convenience

A Thermon SafeTrace DLS-IT steam tracer installed on a pipe with ThermoTube

Product variants

SKU P/N Item Tube material Tube (O.D.) Wall thickness
2032-017 591022 DLS-IT-3B32 Copper 3/8″ 0.032″
DLS-IT-3A35 SS welded 3/8″ 0.035″
2032-018 59205 DLS-IT-3F35 SS seamless 3/8″ 0.035″
2032-016 59275 DLS-IT-10B1 Copper 10 mm 1 mm
DLS-IT-10A1 SS welded 10 mm 1 mm
DLS-IT-10F1 SS seamless 10 mm 1 mm



Additional information

Available tube diameters

3/8” and 10 mm

Nominal O.D.

25 mm

Available tube materials

Copper & stainless steel

Typical pipe temperature range

5°C to 54°C

Max. exposure temperature


Min. installation temperature


Typical max. jacket temperature