Isopad specializes in electric heating solutions, encompassing a wide spectrum from frost protection cables to heat management capabilities reaching temperatures as high as 1000°C. Their array of heating cables, including self-regulating, constant wattage, and mineral insulated options, offers heating solutions that surpass the offerings of most other heating cable providers.

Isopad has dedicated itself to continuous innovation in heating solutions for diverse industries such as industrial, food and beverage, telecommunications, and PV. They’ve also extended their expertise to industries like oil and gas, wastewater management, as well as chemical production and transportation.

One compelling instance illustrating Isopad’s expertise in heating solutions is their successful deployment of heated hoses, flexible heating tape, and IBC heater jackets on an offshore drilling rig. Each heating solution had to be meticulously engineered to endure extreme temperatures, hazardous environments, and challenging weather conditions.

These heating products were also tailored to meet the strict safety requirements of hazardous areas. Isopad’s ability to precisely manufacture each element according to customer specifications ensured the project’s success, enabling the safe production and transportation of chemicals, H2S treatment, and wastewater management.