Control & Monitoring

A thermostat, temperature controller, or control unit plays a crucial role in efficiently managing the heating circuit. It enables energy conservation by activating or deactivating the heating circuit based on either the ambient temperature, in the case of an ambient thermostat, or the surface temperature, in the case of a surface thermostat.

Several thermostats offer advanced features, including the ability to detect malfunctions in heat tracing circuits, with options for sending alarm notifications to the Building Management System (BMS) and/or utilizing digital communication (RS485).

Sova Trading provides an extensive selection of thermostats, temperature controllers, and sensors suitable for both hazardous and non-hazardous areas from Thermon. These thermostats often allow direct connection of heating cables and may include the capability to limit the temperature using two temperature sensors.

  • Electronic thermostats: Deliver more precise and efficient control of heat tracing circuits with 1 or 2 Pt100 temperature inputs.
  • Mechanical thermostats: Monitor and control the heat tracing circuit based on 1 or 2 liquid-filled capillary sensors.
  • Control units: Designed for controlling one or more circuits with comprehensive fault monitoring.
  • Sensors: Standalone sensors for temperature monitoring and limitation, available in lengths up to 25 meters for use with thermostats and control units.