● 2-step controller
● Pt100
● 0 to +120°C

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The Isopad ICon-TSW3 temperature controllers are durable units designed to work seamlessly with Pt100 temperature sensors. These controllers have the capacity to switch loads up to 16A and come in a compact housing. An outstanding feature of the TSW3 is the inclusion of a second switching point, offering functionality as either a second heating stage or an alarm.

Encased in a polycarbonate housing with a transparent lid secured by steel screws, the electronic components are protected by a polycarbonate panel within the housing. The front panel displays the temperature scale and system status through various LEDs. Connections to the power supply, sensor, and heating system are made via internal termination blocks and special entry glands. Temperature adjustment is manual using a knob covered by the lid for maximum protection during operation. To modify the temperature setpoint, the lid can be removed without de-energizing the unit.

The controller’s PI-characteristics ensure precise temperature control, although temperature overshoots may occur during startup. It is advisable to set temperatures below the preferred setpoint during the initial operation. For applications requiring straightforward temperature control, the ICon-TSW3 series is an ideal choice. For more accurate temperature control and additional monitoring options, digital controllers like the ICon4848 series and the ICon-TD7000 series are more suitable.

The controller offers three different connection methods for operation. The two switching contacts can be configured to provide control within a temperature range, low-temperature indication, or 2-stage control, depending on the specific requirements of the application.


SKU P/N Item Pt100 included Output Control range Voltage Sensor input
2107-015 086424-000 ICON-TSW-3/M/PT100-TAI-PK Yes 16 A, 3680VA 0 to 120°C 230 Vac Pt100
2107-016 477712-000 ICON-TSW-3/M No 16 A, 3680VA 0 to 120°C 230 Vac Pt100