● PID digital controller
● Pt100 or thermocouple
● 0 to +1000°C

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The Isopad ICon-TD7000 is an advanced electronic temperature controller designed to manage electric heating devices using microprocessor technology and featuring a digital data display. Precise temperature control is achieved through the utilization of the PID function.

During the startup phase, the hybrid relay and microprocessor combination effectively minimizes temperature overshoots. The display provides information on temperature details and faults. The TD7000 can be configured to deactivate the heating circuit in the event of sensor faults, and the alarm relay can activate an additional alarm output, such as an optical or acoustical signal unit. Housed in a Makrolon case with a transparent lid, the controller has an IP65 rating, making it suitable for outdoor use.


  • Compact housing with transparent cover
  • Configurable sensor input for thermocouples or Pt100 sensors
  • Durable 16 A hybrid relay


SKU P/N Item Output Control range Voltage Sensor input
2107-011 1235-05327152 ICon-TD7000 16 A, 3680 VA 0 to 100°C 230 Vac Pt100, thermocouple