● PI analog controller
● Pt100 or thermocouple
● 0 to +1000°C

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The Isopad ICon-T7000 temperature controllers are compact and sturdy analog devices designed for regulating temperatures in straightforward heating elements and systems within non-hazardous areas. Various models with specific temperature inputs and control ranges are available to suit different applications.

Encased in a polycarbonate housing with a transparent lid secured by steel screws, the electronic components are protected by a polycarbonate panel within the housing. The front panel displays the temperature scale and system status through different LEDs. Internal termination blocks and special entry glands facilitate the connection of the controller to the power supply, sensor, and heating system.

The temperature is manually set using a knob covered by the lid for maximum protection during operation. Adjusting the temperature setpoint requires lid removal, a process that can be done without de-energizing the unit. The PI-characteristics of the controller ensure precise temperature control, although temperature overshoots may occur during startup. It is advisable to set temperatures below the preferred setpoint during initial operation.

For applications needing straightforward temperature control, the T7000 series is an ideal choice. For more precise temperature control and additional monitoring options, digital controllers like the ICon4848 series and the ICon-TD7000 series offer better suitability.


  • Small, compact housing with transparent cover
  • Simple temperature setting
  • Supply, operating and fault indicator


SKU P/N Item Output Control range Voltage Sensor input
2107-005 962950-000 ICON-TP7010 10 A, 2300 VA 0 to 100°C 230 Vac Pt100
2107-006 371776-000 ICON-TP7020 10 A, 2300 VA 0 to 200°C 230 Vac Pt100
2107-007 425064-000 ICON-TF7010 10 A, 2300 VA 0 to 100°C 230 Vac Fe-CuNi (type J)
2107-008 443956-000 ICON-TF7020 10 A, 2300 VA 0 to 200°C 230 Vac Fe-CuNi (type J)
2107-009 962248-000 ICON-TN7050 10 A, 2300 VA 0 to 500°C 230 Vac NiCr-Ni (type K)
2107-010 242950-000 ICON-TN7100 10 A, 2300 VA 0 to 1000°C 230 Vac NiCr-Ni (type K)