● PID controller + limiter
● Thermocouple J or K
● 0 to +1000°C

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The Isopad ICon-T26000 temperature controllers feature an integrated limiter designed for the regulation of electric heating devices in industrial and commercial settings. Precise temperature control is achieved through the PID function, with a starting device implemented to reduce temperature overshoot during the startup phase. The front panel displays the temperature scale and system status through various LEDs.

The controller is connected to the power supply, sensor, and heating system using internal termination blocks and special entry glands. Manual adjustments for switching temperature and limit temperature are made via two separate knobs, both covered by the lid to maximize protection during operation. To modify the setpoint, the lid can be removed without de-energizing the unit.

The limiter function serves as a lock-out, shutting off the heating circuit when the limit temperature is reached, requiring a manual reset. Alternatively, it functions as a temperature guard, performing an auto-reset when the temperature falls below the limit temperature.


  • Compact housing with transparent cover
  • Configurable sensor input for thermocouples or Pt100 sensors
  • Durable 16 A hybrid relay


SKU P/N Item Output Control range Voltage Sensor input
2107-012 1235-05332121 ICON-TF 26020 10 A, 2300 VA 0 to 200°C 230 Vac Fe-CuNi (type J)
2107-013 734490-000 ICON-TN 26050 10 A, 2300 VA 0 to 500°C 230 Vac NiCr-Ni (type K)
2107-014 525582-000 ICON-TN 26100 10 A, 2300 VA 0 to 1000°C 230 Vac NiCr-Ni (type K)