Icon Box 120


● PID 400 V control unit
● Pt100, thermocouples
● 0 to +1000°C

More information:


The Isopad ICon-BOX 120 series is designed for temperature control in electrical heating systems. Powered by the ICon4848 controller, it effectively operates a solid-state relay. This unit features a switch with a built-in 8A fuse and includes an alarm relay contact in all controllers. The ICon-BOX120TP variant is specifically designed with a 3x20A contactor for 400V 3-phase mains. To meet individual customer needs, the ICon-Box can be customized with connectors or metric glands.


SKU P/N Item Output Voltage Sensor input
2107-017 1235-05378070 ICon-BOX 120TP 3 x 20A contactor 400 v 3Ph Pt100, thermocouple
2107-018 1235-99500472 ICon-BOX 122 SSR 8A / 230V SSR 400 v 3Ph Pt100, thermocouple
2104-023 1235-91500759.1 ICon-BOX Console 3x B6f (3x IDR-SM) 400 v 3Ph Pt100